Psychotherapy can be a method to discover if things in your life simply happen or that you yourself can give direction to your existence.

Sometime you may have lost your way, you may or it could seem that making contact with others is getting more difficult. You could experience feelings of powerlessness, grief, fear, anger or you don't feel yourself understood.

Maybe your body gives signals, or you have physical complaints, you are constantly tired and apathetic, you are not sleeping well. Or maybe you have an eatingdisorder or you are depressive.

What you want to do or achieve doesn't work. In many cases there are contradistinctions. What you think and what you know is different compared with what you feel.

All this can happen to you in relation to your partner, your kids, or friends. It's also possible that you have feelings of discontent with your work. In fact, things are not going as you would like them to go.

In many cases Gestalttherapy can help you to be more clear what you are, what you feel and what you want.